A new paradigm in the personalized treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

The Narval CC mandibular advancement medical device is designed to provide the greatest possible comfort in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and snoring in adults.

Through an optimised articulation method, the Narval CC device keeps the jaw in a position that allows the airway to open naturally and comfortably while sleeping.

A big idea in a small device

We know that comfort is the key factor for regular and consistent use and in turn fundamental in medium and long-term results. Narval CC was designed by ResMed to be the lightest and smallest oral device on the market

Narval CC comfortably covers your teeth and takes up only the necessary space in your mouth. It allows your tongue enough space for its natural movements and is designed to keep your mouth closed at night, although it is also possible to sleep with your mouth open if that is your preference.

It only takes a few seconds to place the Narval CC in your mouth. It quickly adjusts to your position so there is no movement during your sleep and gently opens your airway to allow you to breathe throughout the night. It doesn’t make any noise and is so discreet that hardly anyone will be able to tell you are wearing it.

Narval CC is made from a strong and durable material – polyamide – and contains no metal or acrylic. This biocompatible material (polyamide) is not made in latex, paraben or bisphenol A, consequently, the development of allergies is less likely.

It is also very light and strong, designed to be strong enough to resist bruxism.

With Narval CC it may take a few nights before you can adjust but, it’s easier than you think. Because it’s a lightweight, small and discreet device, 86% of patients wear their Narval CC every night.1

In a 5-year multicenter clinical study conducted by ResMed, results at 3 – 6 months showed that patients wore their Narval DC an average of 6.7 hours per night and on 6.7 nights per week. These results indicate a lot of good night’s sleep and rest.

There is no need to connect Narval DC to any battery or power source.

You just need to store it with your luggage and bring it with you wherever you go, on weekend trips, holidays or on business. At home try to keep it next to your bed or in a reserved place.

Healthy Patient

(Open respiratory tracts)

Patient with untreated obstructive sleep apnea

(Closed respiratory tracts)



Narval CC is designed and manufactured by ResMed to fit your specific oral anatomy. A precise fit means greater comfort, which facilitates fitting and regular overnight use.

For long-term positive results, regular use of the device is essential.

Narval CC: custom-made comfort

Narval CC™ is a clinically proven medical device custom-made by the company ResMed, which has over the past 25 years developed numerous solutions for the treatment of sleep apnoea and snoring.

Patients prefer oral devices specifically tailored to their needs 2

A comparative study  2 showed that a custom-made oral device is twice as effective in treating snoring as a non-customised thermoplastic device. The compliance rate is 94% versus 69%2 and patients show greater preference (82%)2. Thus, it is worth the extra effort to seek out a dental specialist who can help obtain the device rather than buying one through the internet or at the pharmacy.

A customised design that starts with the dentist

The custom design of the Narval CC starts at the dental doctor. Choose a dental doctor with experience in oral sleep medicine. The doctor will perform a thorough observation of your mouth and if there are no contraindications or problems requiring major dental interventions, a quick impression will be taken and some measurements of your mouth will be obtained.

A customised solution that maximises comfort

Once the impressions are received at ResMed’s laboratory, a CAD-CAM, computer-aided design and manufacturing system will be used to produce the oral device created specifically for you.

Narval CC is currently one of the few oral devices to use this high-tech system in its production process

Comprehensive approach

Narval CC is designed to reduce the stress on your teeth3 and jaw muscles and to make it easy and simple for the dental clinician to find the right balance between treatment comfort and effectiveness.

Pulling the jaw forward to allow the airway to open during sleep may optimise treatment, however, it will not be comfortable. On the other hand, slightly advancing the jaw will certainly be more comfortable, however, it will not have the same treatment effectiveness. That is why you will start with only the level of advancement you need to adapt and then gradually over time adjust as you adapt to the oral device.

A few minutes of effort to gain hours of sleep

Regular use of the Narval CC oral device leads to treatment success. Snoring disappears in almost 90%1 of patients and sleep apnea is reduced by 50%1
Regular use means success: almost 90% 1 of patients using Narval CC no longer snore.
What’s more, almost 80% 1of patients who have used Narval CC as a treatment for sleep apnoea – including those with more severe cases of obstructive sleep apnea (SAOS) – have seen their apnoeas and hypoapneas (AHI) rate reduced to more than 50%1
About two-thirds (66%) 1 of users saw their AHI not only decrease, but drop below 10 – meaning their obstructive sleep apnea has almost disappeared
More comfort and satisfaction 1,4,5

There’s more:

  • 9 out of 10 patients have stopped bothering their partners with their snoring.1. In fact, 84% of partners feel satisfied and have returned to quality sleep.4.
  • Two thirds of Narval CC users suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) no longer feel tired during the day1
  • 99% of patients using Narval DC are satisfied with their device5
  • 77% of patients who have tried Narval CC continue to use it today5
We are sure that once you have tried Narval CC, you will most likely experience results that will bring you incentive to use it every day for years to come.


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4. A +A Healthcare study undertaken with 95 patients who wore Narval CC (Equinoxe in France) in 2011.
5. Since 01/01/2012, in the framework of a ‘satisfied or reimbursed’ offer by ResMed in France, only 56 patients out of 5103 asked to be reimbursed.


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